Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Face # 16 of 29 Faces for May

I had a pretty busy day today, Had an IEP meeting for my daughter. Right now she is going to a school for children with Cerebral Palsy and we are trying to mainstream her. Then she has her physical therapy appointment (well my husband took her to that). I had a few minutes to relax, but then had to take my middle daughter  to dance and pick up McDonald's for dinner. That's our Wednesday night dinner since I am running around after school. Then I had to take my oldest daughter to her spring concert. She plays violin and does chorus. The show was about an hour and a half long. I got a chance to use my new camera at the show. With my old camera I was never able to get good pics of my kids on stage. I am so excited cause I actually got some tonight.
 This is where my face comes in. I took a picture that I had taken tonight and went to and played around with some of the effects. You should try it, it's lots of fun. I hope this isn't cheating!

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  1. I love to play with all the different effects on pictures! It is so much fun & your portrait turned out super cool. :)