Tuesday, May 15, 2012

29 Faces - # 13, 14 & 15

Well it has happened again, just can't seem to get my pics on the computer to write this blog. So here we go....

#13 was done on Mother's Day while hanging with my girls on the coach. A quick little drawing of me and my three sweethearts. Doesn't look anything like us, more of a representation.

colored pencil

#14 Also another quick drawing, was kind of in a funky mood. It happens every once in awhile. It was going to be just black and white but decided to add color.

colored pencil

#15 When you do a canvas painting (or any kind of painting), do you draw it out first, or do you just do it? I draw out what i PLAN to do, it doesn't always end up like that tought. But I do have to get my thoughts down. This is just a drawing of something I am planning to do so I guess it's a WIP.


  1. I almost always draw them out first.... just works better for me. Love your mermaid :0)

  2. Wonderful drawings … nothing wrong with catching up a few days in arrears. Heck, I did that too!