Monday, February 25, 2013

little BIG news

I have mentioned in past postings that my youngest daughter was born premature (28 weeks). She has Cerebral Palsy but is high functioning. 
To most of you, when your child losses a tooth at 7.5 it isn't a big deal. Hope's baby teeth came in later then the average child's. Feels like we have been waiting forever for a tooth to come out. Well today it happened. Congrats Hope!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hi everyone, 
I have been working pretty hard (maybe i could work a little harder) on keeping my word on producing more artwork this year. But I haven't been that bad. I have been trying to list at least one new item a week on either etsy or eBay. You can check my etsy shop to see what I have listed and on the 20th I will be posting on eBay a small painting nibblefest art contest. this months theme is Domestic Animals.
Meanwhile, I am a member of a ning site called Community Thrive. It's about mixed media. They had a word challenge, and the word was simplicity. This is what I did.