Sunday, May 6, 2012

29 faces days #4 & 5

Sorry I haven't posted my faces in a couple of days but here we go.

The first one was done while I was with my mother waiting for blood test results for here. I new it was going to be a long day (but not as long as it was). So I came prepared. I wanted to try using markers since i have no experience with them. I had bought some and this was a good time to play with them.
colorful doodle-markers

The next one is a piece I have been working on with Das air drying clay, I actually just listed it on etsy tonight. i rally don't have a name for her so if you can think of one, I would love it. Right now I am calling her abstract woman. Here is her face
abstract woman- Das clay with acrylic paint


  1. Such fun faces! :) Can't help you with the names as I am terrible with them myself. :)

  2. Hi Jodi,

    I so love the doodle face. He looks like I feel sometimes. :)

    I hope your mom's tests had good results.