Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New materials

Since I went to the the Create retreat, I have had this urge to try new materials. Well it was a mixed media retreat after all. I bought some distress stains from Ranger. Haven't really figured out how to use them yet (if you have suggestions please share, besides from all the videos techniques on you tube). I am so use to using acrylic paints, not sure they work together.  Also bought other things too, but haven't tried them yet. I will keep you updated on that.
I have been using these little wood frames from Ikea. They came three in a pack and were a great price. Guess what, they are being discontinued. So sad!!! While I was there though, I noticed these large cork coasters. So I thought these could be fun.  I also wanting to incorporate fabric into my work but don't know how to sew. While looking through my stash, came across some trim I have and came up with this piece. Finished it and it is up on etsy. tell me what you think.

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  1. Hi Jodi! Your clown is really cute...I like the patterns you used. The ink stains are great to use on top of a finished acrylic painting. They create a nice aged look. If it's a ink on pad type, just rub over your painting then wipe the excess off with paper towel. You can take of more if you get too dark with a wet wash cloth. If the ink is loose in a bottle, just use a paper towel to lightly rub it on the work. I love the way brown inks look on my paintings. Have fun with your new supplies!